Robotized lines management


Based on PandaHMI, this software allows to control one or more robots by Fanuc or by other handling systems, to collect from warehouse the pallets to be worked and transfer them in the machines, and conversely.

This software managed pallet warehouses up to 350 positions, 4 upload/download stations and 4 work centres.
The system allows to manage line upload and download, the priorities, the transfer of programs to the machines, the count of the correctly worked pieces and the rejected ones.

A function lately added allows the self-learning of the list of the tools necessary for work and the working time for every single tool. These information are integrated with the tools warehouse ones, in order to determine if the pallet is workable or not, before transferring it to the machine.

Thanks to a careful use of colours, an animated synoptic panel makes immediately clear the state of the pallet in the warehouse, the works in progress and the state of the machines.


The software is highly customizable according to positions in warehouse, number of upload/download stations, number of machines, handling device types, functions carried out, graphic depiction of plant synoptic, logic of machines upload/download.

On request can be implemented special processes, according to the client’s real needs.

Moreover, the software can be integrated with IndustryNet4 to achieve the total control of plant logistics.

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