An optimal data exchange between production and other departments

IndustryNet4 is a standardized solution, immediately applicable, that allows to connect the machinery both to the company management system and each other.

In this way the data exchange is constant, effective and total, between production world and other company departments that take care of the correct operation of the company (planning, programming, quality, maintenance, tooling, warehouse, purchases, sells).

IndustryNet4 is an advanced system, that acquires all the information generated by the machine, and makes them available in a simple, precise and complete way.

It’s a very effective ‘bridge’ between the single machine and the whole company environment.


Easily and immediately usable on over 90% of CNC active machines

IndustryNet4 is suitable to be operative right away on the machines equipped with CNC by Fanuc, Heidenhain, Mitsubishi and Siemens, soon by Fagor and Syntec, basically on the greatest majority of the machines used in the market.

Its main performances include:

  • a simple and intuitive man/machine interface, for an instant visualization of machine state and line state

  • the data acquisition from the machine, to make them available in real time, both for local company database and for big data on cloud

  • the transfer in real time of production requests from company database to the machine

  • the integration in the system of other devices, as label printers, bar code readers, measurement devices and so on

Industria 4.0 Law incentives

A fundamental contribute to comply with law requirements and to get the related benefits

IndustryNet4 can make a tool machine suitable for an environment with management complying with requirements of Industria 4.0 Law, in order to get the provided benefits.

IndustryNet4 represents the ‘heart’ of the necessary updating process, although it can not adapt the machine to law requirements if applied alone.

Especially, in case of embedded installation in the complete machine system, IndustryNet4 allows to achieve the over-amortization of 250% in five years.

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