HMI Interfaces


An easy and integrated dialogue between CNC world and computer

An operator interface has the primary purpose to make simple, effective and immediate the communication between the machine CNC world and company PC.

This integration allows to improve dramatically the productivity and quality performances of the totality man/machine.

Studio Pandolfini has developed the software PandaHMI that allows to create operator interfaces for tool machines.

Through this software interfaces for many types of machines and systems have been created, especially the HMI for cylindrical grindings, a field in which Studio Pandolfini is considered as one of the best Italian experts, and the HMI for the supervision of robotized lines.


When communication needs special applications

Besides the operator interfaces already developed and ready for implementation, Studio Padolfini can study specific applications, tailor-made for the machine, for the company and for the operations required in the factory.

Specially made on company systems, both for logical and visual aspect, these interfaces assure a complete correspondence with the specific needs of a machine or of a whole plant, up to the smallest detail.

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